Beyond the Barrier Pt. 3/3

A nearly invisibile door opened and the woman came in again, accompanied by the muscular oaf once more. -How did you leave the room? Where you in here all the time? I demand answers! -Well, that's a point on your favor. She throw him a sexual look, as if she would desire him. That made …

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Beyond the Barrier Pt. 2/3

A couple of minutes later, that felt like an eternity, the cold did not reach critical point, to  Nicholas relief, was rather setting. But when he realized it, was not exactly relaxing. He was anxious, in complete darkness was impossible to know what would come next. He began to feel increasingly afraid, despite the cold, he …

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OST: Robin Hood (2010)

I have an adiction to listen movie soundtracks while I write, and This is definitelly one of my favoritesa nd goes to my "Priceless" category of things that have made my life. Here I found the full Original Motion Picture Soundtrack... I recommend these: 21. 48:23-49:51 The Legend Begins 22. 49:51-51:40 Merry Man