About the severe reviews for After Eart (The most underrated film of the year)

A few months ago I was looking for the upcoming films and I found this trailer. At first I wasn’t impressed despite the great visual it showed; but then I started to see that the film was everywhere and finally it got to my nearest theatre. I took my mom with me and as always, she loved it; as for me, yes it convinced me in a very astonishng way,

Today I was looking down the Movies tag on wordpress and saw a review about Riddick and After Earth came to my mind instantly.

I found that the aproximate budget was $130,000,000.00, yes, a very good budget; but the earnings didn’t reach twice that number. I was quite dissapionted of that because my first thought when I left the theatre was “Great movie, I did enjoy it”

I’m very open minded when it comes to films, except maybe on horror films (I have an anxiety disorder which makes me not able to watch horror movies) and I did like the movie, but… why other people didn’t like it?… I wondered

So I searched for a few reviews on google that we the total opposite to my appreciation of the film.
My concolusion is that people was to hard on the film, maybe because everyine was conditioned to some aspects and the expectations were not high enough.

I found a particular review from a guy who “must-not-be-named” (becaus It’d make him a bit more famous, and I assure you he just doesn’t deserves it) who writes for a web magazine from Spain, who has a G+ profile with only 52 accuaintances and a Twitter account with a few more followers, and he said some random stuff about why the failure of After Earth, related to Shyamalan’s lack of ideas… I’m being polite, he said Cursed! Jaden Smith lack of carisma and Will Smith intervention to make of his son an actor at any costo. And of course that bad excuse for a critic related to Scientology,

Sure, I won’t take credit to the fact that Will Smith wants his son to be a good actor too, he’s just behaving like any other normal dad. And also to the fact that Jaden is a kid yet, he’s not even 16 wich can’t give him a status of a great actor… yet, one never knows. Also, after some successful films Shyamalan is trying to make a space for him arround the new blockbuster films such as Avengers or Transformers.

Despite of all of the above, I have to say that Will Smith is doing a great job with Jaden; he used to hangout with Justin Bieber… that is no longer happening. This After Earth “failure” may serve of experience for him in the future, you don’t always get success in all you want, even if you are Will Smith, who may be regreting his decision to not play Neo on Matix to play in the quite funny but bizarre Wild Wild West, wich obviously didn’t reach half success than the other one. Life happends and for now, he’s just as any other kid trying to get a place in the film industry,

Now.., Shyamalan: I have no doubt he’s one of a kind filmmaker but he’s pulling with a tail of unsuccessful films and hard reviews. But once again, critics love to do drama on directors carrers (as if George Lucas or Steven Spielber didn’t had bad films). A few years ago I decided that Shyamalan was one of my favorite directors because of he content of the films: Sixth Sense, Signs and despite of what everyone says I really liked The Village. The script is always emotional and dark, and at the end it has a nice message: if you haven’t figured out that Signs was about faith and that The Village was about getting over then you have nothing to do by making a review about those films, Let’s just please take “devil” away from this, as I said before I can’t watch horror films, however I’ve heard it was a very good movie, short but intrigueing and scary at the end of coarse.


From 1 to 10 I’d give After Earth a solid 8. The film per se was very excyting, the story is simple but the events make it excyting.

The drama between a son longing for a comprehensive father and the father pushing his son to the limit to make of him the best is catchy for anyone who had a similar situation at some part of their lifes, we all have, I’m pretty sure. The scenario is quite impressive, first, the story about the exodus from the earth to a place where humans are invaders is not new but is not out of fashion eiter.

The adaptation of humans to their new not friendly enviroment is convincing. I’m pretty sure some of us got quite impressed with that due to what we’re actually doin to our planet. The millitary parts are always well accepted and create a discipline drama which in this case is related to the father-son relationship.

Of coarse, the visual context is just brilliant. A wild earth and everything evolved to defend against human forces; the scenario is just astonishing. I have nothing else to say about that,

The fear issue as main aspect of the film puts the audience in a vulnerable situation, they place themselves in the boys boots, so any emotion from him will became the audiences.
The main character is well represented as a shy and insecure boy who has never risked anything so I find Jaden performance quite adecuate for this film in particular. The climax of the movie is complete, no missing additional and overwhelmin aspects.
Those who claim this to be the worst film of the year didn’t get the drama or didn’t want to get the drama, It was all there, because on my opinion the movie has all the adecuate elements, I find Jaden performance is acceptable also. Maybe when they saw that Shyamalan was the director the first thought was… another dissapointing film.. Massive thoughts like that crushes the film before it comes out to theates.

My final point is: critics went too had on the film. From my perspective the movie wasn’t missing anything. Yes, perhaps Jaden is not the best actor but he’s young.
The psicologycal context of the film makes it appealing, hoevers is agreable that not everyone gets the main idea of “fight your demons”. I?I’ll buy the DVD for sure.

After diving on a sea of terrible reviews in IMDB, I found some people who may have cought the esscence:

Enjoyable and entertaining

Author: Jennifer Taylor from Liverpool, England
11 June 2013

I’ve given this film a 9 just because I was genuinely happy with my experience. I was engaged and entertained, the movie wasn’t a three hour stint like most these days (!!) and I cared about the characters. I’d really love to take my 11-year-old nephew to see this; in fact, prime audience for this coming-of-age film would be preteen / young teenage boys. Maybe, if the film had been marketed differently, it would have got higher reviews? It’s not on the same level of sophistication as Oblivion or Avatar so maybe it’s not as suited to a more adult audience – saying that, in the UK it IS a 12A.

Also, I thought the acting was good. Perhaps Will Smith has been criticised because he’s playing a very disciplined person? It can be hard to convey emotion while also playing an emotionally disciplined character! I really didn’t have a problem with Jayden, either, and thought he did well in his role… I’d also gone to see the film with some trepidation having read a number of negative reviews, so was pleasantly surprised. I’d by the DVD 😛

Good Movie — Bad Reviews Are Full of Crap

Author: draconis50 from United States
14 June 2013

I have no idea who is sending these bad reviews, nor where their expectations come from, but my wife and I just saw this movie, and both of us thought it was quite good.

The acting was NOT “wooden” as one review I read stated. The characters are at times SUPPOSED TO BE rather stiff. And both Jaden and Will Smith turned in good performances. If you didn’t like them, then it was the character you did not like, because they portrayed the characters well. At times I did not like them, either, but that was the CHARACTER and the WRITING, but NOT the acting.

The special effects were quite good, as well. And the production design was highly imaginative and not the usual fare.

All in all, this was a GOOD movie, and one I would recommend. If you have not seen it yet, then GO SEE IT WITH AN OPEN MIND and be your own judge.

Why so much hate?

Author: prizeman42 from Toronto, Ontario
22 June 2013

When I saw the trailer of after earth I was really excited just like everyone else. I knew it was going to be a hard working movie and there would be a lot of high expectations for it. When the movie came out in theaters I saw all the bad critic reviews so I decided to go and see it for myself. I didn’t have that high of an expectation because it looked like a good movie to enjoy with my friends. And guess what? The movie was not even bad. I see nothing wrong with the storyline, and I think will smith had a very good idea. The acting by Jaden smith was actually really good. Compared to his karate kid, I think he really proved that he can step up to a bigger expectation. I think that this movie is a good sci-fi to watch as a family and have a great night out, and I think that the critics should have really realized that. Overall the movie was a good satisfying movie to go and watch with my friends and I think that after earth is a very nice. Movie to watch.


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