Chapter 1: Success

Gavin! – David shouted as he moved through the crowd of people making the line at the movies.

Gavin just staring at a beautiful red lips brunette girl who was sitting just a few feet away , whispering with two of her friends. She had not yet noticed his rapt admirer.

Gavin! – Again David, who was already beginning to feel ridiculous shouting from the other side standing in the crowd.

The sensuous movement of her red lips had him completely mesmerized, but his trance did not last long until the vibrator on his mobile phone woke him.

David was desperate calling him from the other side. Gavin answered as he looked up  rushed to find his friend in the crowd

– Hey fool, your date is with me, not the girl – said without greeting him and with sarcasm – give her a card, the movie is about to start and I will not loose my seat.

– I’m regretting this date – Gavin said facetiously – I’m starting to believe you’re not my type , I’m for letting you standing and telling the lady to accompany me.

His right hand was looking in his jacket pocket for a business card, had taken very seriously the advice of his friend, the girl was too beautiful, deserved at least one dinner and a kiss, he thought.

-Ha ha—were David last words.

He took a breath and turned toward her, who saw him coming and stopped speaking to her friends.

– Hello – said, as he handed his card – my name is Gavin, I could not help looking at your beautiful hair from where I was, I would like to take you out sometime, if not uncomfortable.

The girl had a very serious expression, but not to be rude, took the card and looked at it.

– Can call me anytime – Gavin said in an attempt to get a word from her, who still looked at him without saying anything. Her friends laughed mockingly.

– Thanks for your kind offer – was all she said as he tried a smile.

Gavin stood there for ten seconds, counted, to see if anything else came out of her mouth. But without more words he timidly turned to meet a mocking David who had seen the show from the other side.

Gavin approached and saw a bully David, he made a “do not disturb”​​ face.

-She’s Crazy about you – he said as he patted his back.

Two weeks after Gavin had forgotten that girl, almost completely. Now he was accompanying his mother, Victoria , who had been left alone due to a unexpected trip of Martin, his father, to Mexico City.

– Would you like me to prepare chicken soup?-Victoria asks.

– If you do not mind, I will not oppose- said as he sat at the breakfast bar. The question was a mere spare, because all the ingredients were ready for the pot -You know, I have to go back to London next week, they can’t live without me.

– I can imagine – Victoria responds while adding carrots to the boiling water – Now I remember I’ve told you several times that you have to get a girlfriend, don’t leave the train, if you know what I mean—continued while giving him a classic mother look.

Of course, Gavin knew what she was talking about when she only speaks about that! — but please don’t you dare to bring an English woman, Panamanian are quite nice after you get used to them , and are more conservative, just like me.

– I really don’t think I’m going to get a Panamanian girlfriend in two weeks, mom–laughed

– The one who perseveres reaches- replied while she sighed-  you’re not going to find someone who cooks like me anyway.

– I know Mama- said as he approached to hug her – no one cooks like you.

That was exactly what Gavin likes to do, or not to do: be home, be pampered and do nothing, despite having 36 years, ne never left  his usual teenager hobbies, football , video games and of course , cartoons.

Went to sit on the couch to watch his favorite cartoons, but as he sat, began to feel an unusual migraine, for start, and that is saying a lot, migraines were not common on him.  Tried to ignore it, picked up the remote and began to switch channels, but suddenly he froze, and in a blink of eyes felt as if instead of changing the television channel,  he has changed his head , followed by a terrible pang on the head, just like a lightning .

Not knowing what it was, leaned back on the couch as he turned off the television. Now the light and sound annoyed him, so he closed his eyes and covered his ears.

-Mom!-Called – do you have anything for migraine? I’m not feeling well – said. However, no one answered -Mom!-again.

He sat on the couch and looked toward the kitchen, but there was nobody. He got up slowly and went to the stove, where there was nothing on the fire. Went to the rear garden and walked around the house, but there was not a soul. Came inside and went to his parent’s room only to confirm that he was apparently alone. He started to get angry <did she just left me alone?> thought.

Being in that room, he heard the front door opening.

-Gavin!-called his mother – Want some seafood soup? -Asked, but Gavin was now angry.

– You asked me that already, mom, I said that if you wouldn’t mind I wouldn’t oppose- warned as he walked towards the kitchen.

– But I just got here, Where were you?-Asked Victoria.

– Looking for you, where did you go so fast? Asked

– I went to the supermarket and two hours are not fast, you’re pale-she said as he touched his forehead – are you okay ?

– Not really—he replied a bit confused, but had just realized that the migraine was gone.

He decided to ignore that blaming that weird migraine and went back to sit on the couch to keep watching cartoons.

– It is because of hunger, I am sure. The soup will be ready in a while-said Victoria – You know I have said several times that you have to get a girlfriend , do not you go the train, and don’t you dare to bring an English girl, Panamanian are quite nice after you get used to them , and are more conservative, just like me. You see how picky you are, if you do not eat you claim to be spoiled.

– Listen to your mother, ‘said a male voice – the Panamanians have better shape.

Gavin jumped back and turned to look toward the door, his father had just come over carrying grocery bags.

– Dad? Asked surprised – When did you come back?

– From where? Asked the male voice

– Mexico.

– Mexico? No, my trip is next week -said Martin.

Gavin was now puzzled -Really? -Asked one more time, and his father replied with a positive movement of the head as he walked to the kitchen, uninterested in the strange confusion of his son.

He sat on the couch and think for a moment about what just happened. After a while, he could not come up with a logical answer so quitted on it by finally making guilty to poor sleep and migraine.

The next morning he was waken up again by that strange migraine and suddenly …  had that same feeling, as if someone changed a channel inside his head. He stared at the ceiling of his room until the pain was gone and the vibration of his mobile phone made ​​him jump.

He looked at the screen and could read the name “Lily”, but did not remember anyone by that name.

– Hello? – Answered.

– How are you dear-said the voice of the girl named Lily, I’m in the coffee shop, I’m coming to pick you up in about ten minutes. Do not tell me you’re still asleep.

– Yes, said- stunned -Well, no, I do not know -he stammered .

– You forgot-Lily said in a sad voice.

– No, of course not … – he said quickly- I just woke up, but I’ll be ready for when you arrive.

– Ok, I’ll take you coffee.

– Yeah … – answered quickly closed the call

<Now who is Lily?> Thought.

He looked at the clock on his bedside table and saw the time: 9:12 a.m. so he ran to shower and get ready to meet Lily.

Of course, as the shower is the best place to think, the incident with his parents returned to his mind, only that now he could not tell if it had been a dream. To find it out he obviously had to cross words with his ​​parents, but the reason kept telling him that something was wrong.

And is that Logics were good to Gavin, well, more than good: he was Professor of Logics and Practical Philosophy at the Saint Paul’s University in London, a pretty new university, which few knew about, but supportive to young researchers, so it was obvious that he was a methodical guy … at least with his profession.

Gavin was born in Panama, his mother was from the country, his father, Martin was a pilot who retired from British Royal Air Force, and although he was born in the Canal country, always wanted to return to London, where he has spent half his life. Now, he was on vacations and decided to return home to his parents to make them company while writing on a new theory.

The phone was ringing at the pace of the melodious notes of “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay, indicating that was is likely that Lily was already waiting outside his home.

-Gavin! – Called his mother on the other side of his bedroom door…- Lily is here – He opened – I think she’s not coming in, looks somewhat hasty, give he my regards.

With a kiss on the cheek and an “ok” said goodbye to his mother; however he could not help but feel nervous to ignore the identity of the girl Lily… and with good reason.

The first thing that Gavin saw when he opened the front door was a shiny brown-haired Lily, with juicy red lips: so yes, it was her, the girl from the movies.

<What did I miss?> Said to himself, shocked.  He could not help staying still on the doormat of his house, holding the door half closed, there, staring in amazement at the girl, and now only filled with a question: was she his girlfriend or just were friends?

– Look at her, is so beautiful — whispered Victoria who was right behind him waiting for him to leave to close the door , he jumped , the words of his mother took him out of the trance – why do not you ask her to be your girlfriend ?

That was the answer he needed. He couldn’t just reach out and get in the car and kiss her if she’s not his girlfriend, or not to kiss her if she was.

Either way, he thought he was lucky, for the mere fact that she was there. What bothered him most was that still did not come to his senses and could not remember how they got to that point of amity, because the last time he saw her, it was precisely the first.

Nevertheless, it seems that having handed her a business card that day was a success, in that moment he thanked David in his mind, for coming up with a crazy but effective idea.

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