Beyond the Barrier Pt. 1/3

He kept alive for as long as he could, trying to not get anxious inside that cage. Nicholas was just kidnapped. He din’t even knew he was until they locked him up inside a metal box only with a gun and a knife in it.

He was a Legal assistant for an insurance company named SAFE just in the business center of Ontario. He instantly asummed that he was taken by something he did at work. But the doubt about the real reason of his kidnap was still there.

He didn’t have family, he was alone, completely alone. Another good reason to threaten him, there was none anyone could blackmail him over.

At midday, just when he was going out for lunch a lovely lady took a cab with him. Inside, she opened a pack of chewing gum and handed him a strip of a strawberry flavored one. He was most thankful for that kind gesture that a few minutes later would made him deeply sleep.

Before closing his eyes and under a unbearable dizziness he knew what was happening and prayed to be saved.

He opened his eyes inside a tube covered in Ice, he was shaking uncontrollably and couldn’t do anything, his hands and feet were tied. A few tall men with dark appearence passed by but he could not speak a word, his tongue was frozen.

The lovely lady that intoxicated him with chewing gum in the cab was the first to talk to him, she was still chewing gum. Her blond hair was now red, just like Uma Thurman on Batman playing Hydra. She told him to stay awake and nothing bad would happened to him.

But he was afraid, naked and possibly near hypothermia and death. Still, he managed to stay for about three hours until the ice melt, thankfully the summer of Ontario was helping him.

As his tongue responded he started to shout, but none came. “I don’t know why I’m here” yelled.

The lovely lady came again, with a towel and one of the tall men was with her. He was lifted up, wrapped with the towel and carried to another place. It was an old building where he was kept, probably a school as he could see the broken school chairs over the hall.

They entered a white room where the big man gently put him on the floor. There was a table, a chair, and clothes. The man closed the door and the lovely lady told him to get dressed. He stared at her, expecting she would turn to give him some privacy, but there wasn’t a sign of movement coming from her. She told him again to get dressed after a minute, so he had no choice but to try to cover himself and get dressed uncomfortably. The towel was to small and unfortunately he could not cover himself properly. It was embarrasing, but he had to get dressed with her looking at him. However he din’t felt bad about his body, he wasn’t athletic but no beer belly, and his arms and chest were manly enough.

After getting dressed the lady was still there, and asked him to sit. “Stay awake, and nothing bad will happend”

The lights turned off and the silence came. He called her several times after realizing she wouldn’t answer. He started to walk towards her, or over she was standing, only to notice she wasn’t there.

He went back to take sit and to wait for the next thing to happen, which he realized would me more cold by the sound of the air vent; someone had just turned on the air conditioning and the temperature was going down…


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