Beyond the Barrier Pt. 2/3

A couple of minutes later, that felt like an eternity, the cold did not reach critical point, to  Nicholas relief, was rather setting. But when he realized it, was not exactly relaxing. He was anxious, in complete darkness was impossible to know what would come next. He began to feel increasingly afraid, despite the cold, he was sweating and his hands trembled.

He began to imagine what would happen next, really hoped they were not murdering him, because there wouldn’t be anyone who would attend his funeral. He came up with all the possible deaths: from a shot to the head, choking, broken neck, a deadly wound, beaten, but worse was to imagine bleed to death  and that mad him panic.

Grabbed his hair with his hands and pulled, to try not to lose reality, but in darkness nothing assured him of someone would apperar from nowhere  and cut his throat.

He felt a someone was beathing on his neck and jumped back; tripped over the table and lurched to the ground, that he had left fim clueless to where the chair was.  He began to breathe hard and crawled on the floor with the hope that nobody hit his head and died suddenly. Heard footsteps clearly slowly advancing to where he moved. But how can you do that in the dark, he thought, but immediately knew they had to have infrared goggles.

Now he was in a panic. He decided to crawl around the room, but after what seemed like an hour in darkness came across with a corner. He stood there, and closed his eyes to feel safe, but someone was standing right in front of him in the dark, and he could hear a heavy breathing.

His chest ached and felt lack of oxygen and began to breathe heavily, but that caused dizziness.

-Nooooo, Please … noooo, noooo, nooo-was screaming. For just over a minute screamed and cried. But nothing happened, and he could still hear someone was there, breathing down his face.

Suddenly, the lights turned on … but no one was there.

He stood up… was completely amazed; if there was just someone there, he could ensure it he could give his life for it. But the room was fully illuminated again and he was alone with the table and the chair down

The door opened again.


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