Beyond the Barrier Pt. 2/3

A couple of minutes later, that felt like an eternity, the cold did not reach critical point, to  Nicholas relief, was rather setting. But when he realized it, was not exactly relaxing. He was anxious, in complete darkness was impossible to know what would come next. He began to feel increasingly afraid, despite the cold, he was sweating and his hands trembled.

He began to imagine what would happen next thing, really hoped they were not murdering him, because there wouldn’t be anyone who would attend his funeral. He came up with all the possible deaths: from a shot to the head, choking, broken neck, a deadly wound, beaten, but worse was to imaginebleed to death  and that mad him panic.

Grabbed his hair with his hands and pulled, to try not to lose reality, but in darkness nothing assured him of someone would apperar from nowhere  and cut his throat.

He felt a someone was beathing on his neck and jumped back; tripped over the table and lurched to the ground, that he had left fim clueless to where the chair was.  He began to breathe hard and crawled on the floor with the hope that nobody hit his head and died suddenly. Heard footsteps clearly slowly advancing to where he move.d But how can you do that in the dark, he thought, but immediately knew they had to have infrared goggles.

Now he was in a panic. He decided to crawl around the room, but after what seemed like an hour in darkness came across with a corner. He stood there, and closed his eyes to feel safe, but someone was standing right in front of him in the dark, and he could hear a heavy breathing.

His chest ached and felt lack of oxygen and began to breathe heavily, but that caused dizziness.

-Nooooo, Please … noooo, noooo, nooo-was screaming. For just over a minute screamed and cried. But nothing happened, and he could still hear someone was there, breathing down his face.

Suddenly, the lights turned on … but no one was there.

He stood up… was completely amazed; if there was just someone there, he could ensure it he could give his life for it. But the room was fully illuminated again and he was alone with the table and the chair down

The door opened again.


Beyond the Barrier Pt. 1/3

He kept alive for as long as he could, trying to not get anxious inside that cage. Nicholas was just kidnapped. He din’t even knew he was until they locked him up inside a metal box only with a gun and a knife in it.

He was a Legal assistant for an insurance company named SAFE just in the business center of Ontario. He instantly figured out that he was taken by something he did at work. But the doubt about the real reason of his kidnap was still there.

He didn’t have family, he was alone, completely alone. Another good reason to threaten him, there was none anyone could blackmail him over.

At midday, just when he was going out for lunch a lovely lady took a cab with him. Inside, she opened a pack of chewing gum and handed him a strip of a strawberry flavored one. He was most thankful for that kind gesture that a few minutes later would made him deeply sleep.

Before closing his eyes and under a unbearable dizziness he knew what was happening and prayed to be saved.

He opened his eyes inside a tube covered in Ice, he was shaking uncontrollably and couldn’t do anything, his hands and feet were tied. A few tall men with dark appearence passed by but he could not speak a word, his tongue was frozen.

The lovely lady that intoxicated him with chewing gum in the cab was the first to talk to him. Her blond hair was now red, just like Uma Thurman on Batman playing Hydra. She told him to stay awake and nothing bad would happened to him.

But he was afraid, naked and possibly near hypothermia and death. Still, he managed to stay for about three hours until the ice melt, thankfully the summer weather of Ontario was helping him.

As his tongue responded he started to shout, but none came. “I don’t know why I’m here” yelled.

The lovely lady came again, with a towel and one of the tall men was with her. He was lifted up, wrapped with the towel and carried to another place. It was an old building where he was kept, probably a school as he could see the damaged chairs over the hall.

They entered a white room where the big man gently puts him on the floor. There was a table, a chair, and clothes. The man closed the door and the lovely lady told him to get dressed. He stared at her, expecting she would turn to give him some privacy, but there wasn’t a sign of movement coming from her. She told him again to get dressed after a minute, so he had no choice but to try to cover himself and get dressed uncomfortably. The towel was to small and unfortunately he could not cover himself properly. It was embarrasing, but he had to get dressed with her looking at him. However he din’t felt bad about his body, he wasn’t athletic but no belly, and his arms and chest were manly enough.

After getting dressed the lady was still there, and asked him to sit. “Stay awake, and nothing bad will happend”

The lights turned off and the silence came. He called her several times after realizing she wouldn’t answer but he started to walk towards her, or over she was standing only to notice she wasn’t there.

He went back to take sit and to wait for the next thing to happen, which he realized would me more cold by the sound of the air vent; someone had just turned on the air conditioning and the temperature was going down…

Drunken Killer, Hidden Priscilla

Today I have a very very short story for you…

Grace had a daughter, her name was Jenna and she was adopted. Graced loved her as if she would have birthed her, and Jenna never knew she was actually and orphan.

When Jenna grew up, went to university and got a degree on bussiness management.

After that Grace decided to move to the coast, and bought a house next to the beach for her and her daughter; but it turned out that she had some business to do there: she was to inherit a fortune from a relative, so she had to take care of that someone who turned to be her grandmother, Emma.

At the moment Emma met Jenna, she asked her to manage her fishing business, which was passed to her when Oscar, her husband, passed awar. So, grateful, Jenna took the job, only to find out that the business was in the hands of a bunch of unmannered and undisciplined sailors, commanded by a hot hot sexy sexy blonde captain, named Willian, aka Will.

All the sailors were mean to Jenna at the beginning, because obvioulsy she was only a rich girl to them.

Will was a man from the sea, rude as a pirate, fair as an old man but handsome as a model, with the body of a rugby player. Yes, hot hot sexy sexy. He was ment to marry young and wild Priscilla, who was madly in love with him, only because Gorge -Priscilla’s father- convinced him of the many goods he’d get from that marriage.

Eventually Priscilla made of Jenna her enemy due to the worker-employee relationship between her and Will, which was -until then- a terrible worker-employee relationship and nothing more.

On the big day -the marriage- Will rented a Yatch for him and Priscilla; however, and quite unfortunatelly, the yatch cought on fire due an engine failure. There was an explosion.

As I wasn’t on that accident, I actually don’t rember what happened after the explosion (lol), but Will survived; apparently Piscilla died because her body was never found.

When Will was rescued, Priscilla’s father acused him of murder, so he went to jail for a couple of weeks until he was proven innnocent. During that time Jenna went to visit him and they quite fell in love.

As I wasn’t around after he was imprisioned and then setted free, I can only guess they fell deeply in love after that.

But they didn’t know that Priscilla wasn’t actually dead. She was found floting over some drift on the sea by a mexican gangster who saved her and took care of her until se was recovered; as any gangster would have, he made her his slave (in all the ways someone can imagine).

In the meantime Will and Jenna were planning their wedding; and you can imagine how this wedding stuffs are.

Back to Priscilla: she managed to escape, but she went trought many difficulties, like getting lost on the wilds and starving, until a rich lady found her -fortunatelly- who took care of her and eventually knew the wholl story. But Piscilla started to think that none was looking for her, then she started to hate everyone, including her father and mother, bacause she thought none was triying to find her. That tought were groing in her ming until she managed to find her home; finally she found out that Will and here enemy, Jenna, were going to get married.

The big day for Will and Jenna arrived. She was precious on her white dress. He was so big his muscular arms couldn’t fit in his suit and the butons looked like were going to fly over -He had the body of Stone Cold Steve Austin by then-.

Everyone were in the church and Will was waiting for Jenna who was walking trough the ally, she was glowing.

The ceremony started, everything was beautiful, util some hill steps echoed on the church walls. As in any other dramatic story the priest got to the point of “speak now or silence forever” and the unexpected guest spoke.

-“I opose to this union”–Said Priscilla-“That man is still married to me”

The crowed did the usual amazement sounds “oooh!”. Everyone took her for death and now she was standing there.

-“You all are a bunch of hypocrits”-She said with a suficient and superior air-“You thought I was dead and none searched for me, and thanks to that this two”-pointing Will and Jenna-“thought they could marry and live happily ever after. But I’m very much alive, and I’ve come to claim this man who stills being, after all, my husband. So you”-pinted at Jenna-“whore, cannot marry the mand who belongs to me.”

The crown did the “oooh!” again.

-“Priscilla!”-called someone from the back. She turned over.


The sound of a 9mm shot echoed on the curch walls. The bullet got Priscilla’s heart, an accurate shot. The wepon holder: the town’s drunk, who, with alcoholic voice, said:

-“Tecnically she was already dead”-hiped-“So I just shot a dead”–hipped again-“Kepp with the ceremony, priest, this is just a better story than twilight, and is defenitelly one I want to keep knowing about. I’ll take the body out so you can continue-said aproaching Priscilla’s dead body and pulling it out-and congratulations to the happy couple.”

The End.

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