Le Me


Hello, thank you for visiting my blog.

Before you know more about me you have to know that my native language is Spanish, so if you see any grammar mistake you know now why.

I’m from Panama, a beautiful country in Center America, you can google it if you want to know more about it.

I’ve been a lawyer since 2012 and eventually I wrote a book on the matter, for that I have another blog that you may look if you ever need any legal assistance, however I wanted to do something special with this blog and I wanted to show another part of me and to keep this separated from my other life as a lawyer which is a very busy one.

I love movies and good music. So you’ll see me often posting about movies and music in general, but what you will see me doing more often is to post about Panamanian culture and possibly travel tips for internal tourism; as I love my country I would like you to know more about it in case you want to visit or if you are already here and want to know more about how to travel and how to have a good time in special spot and places

I’m currently writting many things at the same time. I’ve been writting a book since I was 14 but may things have kept me apart from finish it, probably the main issue is that I’m always improving it, but this year I’m determine to finish.

Also you’ll see me writting a short story that I’ve named “Life Switchers” that hopefully will be published when It’s finished.

Thank you for reading me.



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